The ornament of West Macedonia

Florina or “Ancient Lygistida”, as it is also called, found its supporter in the face of director Theodoros Angelopoulos through the world-famous films “The Suspended Step of the Stork”, “Landscape in the Mist” and “The Beekeeper”.
A small river that flows through it, Macedonian and neoclassical traditional buildings, wild natural beauty, vibrancy and scenery, make Florina a true destination for all seasons!

The city has the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, a public library, folklore museums as well as the archaeological site of the “Hellenistic City”, on the hill of St. Panteleimon, which is a favorite excursion in combination with trails in the forest. Also in Florina, one can enjoy the natural beauty by riding the trained horses, escorted by well-trained personnel. Archery, cycling, mountain bike and hiking are just some of the activities that the city generously offers.
Florina is also the birthplace of many great personalities in the field of the arts and sports, like Nikolaos Pyrzas (Macedonian warlord), Dimitris Kalamaras (sculptor), Theodoros Tsapanos (professor of seismology), George Lianis (journalist and politician), Voula Patoulidou (journalist, politician, and the first female Olympic Winner in Greece), Vassilis Dimitriadis (Alpine ski champion with four Olympic Games participations) and many others.
Florina means culture, sport, art, nature and hospitality!