Ski Centers

The experience of your stay becomes even richer thanks to the two ski resorts just 25 minutes (Viglas) and 45 minutes (Vora) away, the slopes of which are even visible from your balcony! Either for skiing or just for a relaxing stroll at the chalets, the Ski Centers must be included in your schedule!

At an altitude of 1,650-2,000 m. and only 18 kilometers west of Florina, is the Vigla-Pisoderi Ski Resort, at the confluence of the Vernon and Varnount Mountains. There, one can enjoy the unspoiled beauties of nature while also doing his/her favorite activity, as the ski area caters to the needs of all ages and levels, ranging from beginner to black, from off-piste to forest trails on a snowmobile! It also has the largest Olympic specification track in Greece.

The Vora-Kaimakatsalan ski resort is located on the border of Pella County. Mount Vora or Kaimakatsalan is the third-largest in Greece at an altitude of 2,524 m! At the ski resort, you will be able to have fun, whether skiing is one of your favorite sports or not. You may relax while enjoying your coffee or tea, gazing, and who knows? If you are lucky enough and if weather permits, you may also see the Thermaikos Gulf from up there. For action and adventure fanatics, the Center promises great excitement, as it has a variety of ski tracks for all preferences.