Prespa, the "wonder" of the balkans!

Discover the “wonder” area, home to 2.000 people, 260 species of birds, 20 species of fish, bears, wolves, even lynxes that all reside in harmony in a 150 square km National Park!
The first stop is the impressive Mikrolimni, with the pier of the fishermen overlooking the cormorants. Followed by Laimos, the capital of Prespa, and Saint Germanos, with its homonymous Byzantine temple and its sacred relics, as well as the watermill, an award-winning work of exemplary contribution to the preservation of European culture.

A few kilometers further you will reach the banks of  Little  Prespa.  The 850m  floating footbridge separates you from the magical island of Agios Achilles with the stunning ruins of Basilica and the imposing Panagia Porfyra church. A little further down, you can find the Gate and Vrontero with the “Kokkalis Cave“, a 1949 hospital of the rebels; all of which are must-see sights.
The tour of Prespa is completed at Psarades, the only Greek village on the coast of Megali Prespa, the most touristy part of the area, a boatsmen meeting point where some centuries ago was the refuge point for monks and hermits The place where three states meet, Greece, Albania and Northern Macedonia!
There, at point zero, is exactly where our Greece begins!