Florina, the prefecture of the 6 lakes

Six natural lakes, all in Florina, are at your disposal! They are divided into pairs: Little and Great Prespa in the northwest, Zazari and Chimaditis in the south, Vegoritis and Petra in the east.
In Prespa, the boat journey takes off from the Fishermen’s Border, at the waterfront of the Great Prespa.  Hiking around Little  Prespa is also a  unique experience, as you can come across flora and fauna that you cannot find anywhere else apart from this miraculous place. Activities in the Prespa National Park are varied. Getting in touch with wildlife and participating in cultural workshops offers experiences that you will surely remember for a long time. This unique combination of wildlife and culture literally offers something very special.

Proceeding south of the Prefecture, tiny Zazari Lake circles a soiled but steep path worth a mountain bike ride, unlike Chimaditis where most of the route is asphalted and its banks are surrounded by dense reeds and marshes. Become one with nature while riding, canoeing on Lake Zazari, climbing, hiking, mountain biking and even mushroom picking, bird watching, jeep touring and camping.
Finally, at Lake Vegoritis, which is so big and almost looks like a sea, you will be amazed by the sheer beauty of the rocks as well as the green waters; the local surfers will tell you the secrets as long as you bring your own equipment.